I have yet to generate the list of names of individuals who have given their time and energy to our itty bitty home.  We are grateful beyond measure to everyone who has donated funds and words of encouragement.  The list of names will be in the hundreds.  We are so humbled by the generosity and kindness of our human community.  This project has been an affirmation of our belief that we can come together as citizens to make a difference in each other’s lives.

Safe, clean, efficient housing can be hard to come by. For a single mother raising two young children with an income just above the poverty line, it can be especially challenging. The Itty Bitty House re-purposed a small, unused structure on an otherwise vacant lot in a safe and beautiful neighborhood into an affordable, private home for a creative, talented and tenacious young family.

To find out more about this project or to contribute any materials, labor, funds, prayers or words of encouragement you may have to share, please contact Jennifer Jacques at (207) 664-4883 or email I am interested in bartering tutoring, childcare or housecleaning experience and skills in exchange for your skilled labor, carpentry in particular (a bit of wall/knee wall framing and some minor shelving/simple cabinetry).

Track our progress on Facebook.


Every little bit helps! Thank you!!



If you are unable to participate in volunteering or donating materials, you can still contribute to making this dream a reality!

Moved in June 2014!  We have the basics covered–plumbing, heat, hot water, even some painted walls!  We still need to grout the tile hearth, install the woodstove, repair the roof and replace the roofing shingles, install a small area of sheetrock in loft and in kitchen, install ceiling fan to aid in ventilation and heat distribution, install finish work like interior doors (still no door on bedrooms or bathroom!) and trim around the windows.  Also need to install a railing for the loft.  Currently only safe for my daughters and I who know it well.  Work has been stalled by my acquisition of a full-time job as a secretary at a local elementary school, so work gatherings would be on weekends or school holidays.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness!

Funds raised so far have gone to pay for:

  • Excavator to install conduit for power line and attach itty bitty house to existing septic and well lines: $1000
  • Electrical supplies (labor donated!) to install meter housing and switch box: $1200
  • New materials (3/4″ fir tongue and groove plywood) purchased for subflooring: $1200
  • Sheetrock supplies: $500
  • Excavator to back-fill plumbing because the ground had frozen! $200
  • Miscellaneous tools and materials: $600
  • Purchase of lighting fixtures: $150
  • Rental of Porta Potty from October-January: $250

Further funds needed for:

  • Purchase of 460 square feet of tongue and groove material for the ceiling (estimate $500-800)
  • Purchase of 6″ metalbestos stove pipe and fittings to install wood stove (Estimate $500-700)
  • Dumpster Fee – Drop and $/Ton  ($280?)
  • Miscellaneous tools and materials ($300)



    • Pine boards for loft floor (any length or width ok…just the standard board–324 sq. ft.)
    • Tongue and groove pine for ceiling covering (approximately 460 square feet)
    • 90 LF of 24’’ deep crushed stone bedded 40 mirafi wrapped 6’’ perforated UD around house to wick hillside run-off and groundwater
    • Roofing – 10 Square Shingles
    • Quonset hut (single car) or other move able storage


We could still use a few folks who are willing to donate time for sheetrock/drywall installation. If you are able to volunteer even a few hours, it will really help! Please call 664-4883 or email to volunteer.

Thank you for taking the time to read over this list. Please send a message if you have anything to share: or


(of money, materials, services, and time)

UPDATED 1/6/15:

These businesses have gone out of their way to help us reach our goal and we hope you will do business with them in the future, knowing that they support growing healthy connections in our communities!

Hancock Lumber, Brunswick

EBS, Blue Hill

Keniston Tile, Bangor

Brown’s Appliance, Ellsworth

Restore, Ellsworth

Blue Hill Disposal, Blue Hill

Liberty Crate Co., Hope

Valentine Footwear, Bangor

CCB, Inc., General Contractor, Old Town

Gilbane Federal Construction

Eggemoggin Textile Studio, Sedgwick

Dead River Co., Ellsworth



I have yet to generate the list of names of individuals who have given their time and energy to the project.  We are equally grateful to everyone who has donated funds and words of encouragement.  The list of names will be in the hundreds.  We are humbled beyond belief by the generosity and kindness of our human community.  This project has been an affirmation of our belief that we can come together as citizens to make a difference in each other’s lives.


Jennifer Jacques

P.O. Box 111

Blue Hill, ME 04614

(207) 664-4883


  1. Dan

    Ceiling Fan on supply/install list. While ceiling is open, run a circuit and rough in a ceiling box at the ridgeline between rafter ties.

    • Jennifer Jacques

      Hi Robert! I will be there tomorrow working on a small insulation and drywall project so I can install the propane monitor heater on that wall, but there is always shingling to be done too! Then I am taking the weekend off for my niece’s 2nd birthday. We will be back at it Monday, 11/18 for a BIG PUSH toward getting moved in beginning December 20th. We need to do some structural details (collar ties and knee walls in the loft) and a bit more wiring, lots of insulating and sheetrock, a good 2/3 of shingling still to do…so come on down anytime! My number is above.

  2. Nita

    So…….Encouraging!!! What a GREAT idea too. What a wonderful lesson you are teaching your girls. God Bless You All………………

  3. Lorraine Lanigan

    Hello Saw the message from Kevin and Kim Fredette in NH Where in NH are they located? We visit NH quite frequently and could possibly pick these items up. Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Kevin and Kim Fredette

    Good morning. We live in nh. We have sheet rock, an wall oven a microwave a dishwasher and some maple cabinets. All are in excellent shape. I would gladly give them to you and your daughters. All you need to do is arrange for pic up and their all yours. These are not cheap by any means. All I want in return is for you to use them to their fullest. And of course, a thank-you card for my generosity!!!! I once lived in a small town called danforth. We were poorer than a church mouse! Let me know if you and your girls are interested, thanks Kevin Kim and our two girls. Lauren and Lindsey fredette

    • Jennifer Jacques

      Wow Kevin and Kim! That certainly is generous of you! I’m not sure how I can arrange to come and get those things, but I wonder if you would be willing or able to email me a photo of the cabinets so I can see if they would fit in our itty bitty kitchen. One new daily assignment for my girls is to write thank you cards to our helpers and contributors so you and your family will surely get one too! Thank you again for taking the time to respond with such a kind offer. I hope it can work out that we can come and get them.

  5. Jennifer Jacques

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    “Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until they are in hot water”
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    You are an amazing example of a strong graceful women who becomes more resourceful through adversity. How proud your family and community must be of you and what a wonderful Dad you have.

  6. Andrea Treadwell

    We have a pile of used bricks at our home in Orrington, if you need them :). Good luck…looks like you’ve got this! Please also keep in mind that once you have your home completed, there are many who can help with furnishings, curtains, rugs, etc. Love this idea!

  7. Cathy Bussell

    Am sharing this with you in the event it may lead to more help to make your dream come true. ” fantastic! good on her! Another resource she should consider is Habitat for Humanity. Sounds like she would definitely qualify. I’m working on an explainer video for this organization right now. They’re good people. See My cousin, Brenda L. Murray is actually the one who saw my share on FB and sent me this info. I hope it might help! God bless your endeavors!

  8. Laura Terrill

    Have you tried freecycle in maine…? Its on line, and there are often times materials that people have laying around and its all offered for free.. Good luck with your journey, The people of Orland are a wonderful community, I know, I grew up there.. this is the link to the site…

  9. E.T.

    Please let me know when your next work party is scheduled. You can do this. We built our own house with no prior experience. I did my own plumbing.
    Answer this email and I will give you my phone number and lots of unsolicited advice. Good luck in any case. Best to you. ET

  10. Megan murphy

    I love your whole story and know this is going to be one very cozy unique home for you and the girls.

    So glad you made this public, it’s very touching and I will look for updates.

    Happy fall!


  11. Carol Sandin Woodruff

    Sorry I cannot help with donations, but support you emotionally in your project. I read the news article and am so impressed with your vision and conviction you can do this! You are an inspiration to other young women in similar situations. Hope yo get all the things you need and have a successful move into your own little house. Remember, it’s the love, creativity and work you bring to a house to make it a home. Add your strength and faith to that and I know your future will be bright and you will gain many new friends in the community along the way. Fondly, Carol

  12. I admire your ambition to create your home from something no longer usefull. I have a bathroom sink and many cupboard doors if you could use them. Maybe your dad could check this out for you. I live in frankfort not far from bucksport. good luck

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